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NEW: fullblood rams from North Dakota, USA! Lambs available.



The Dorper is a smart, intelligent sheep that is easy to work with. They are generally quiet to handle and not aggressive as some breeds. They also have their own unique personalities!

The Dorper is a South African breed of domestic sheep that was developed by crossing Dorset Horn and the Blackhead Persian Sheep around the 1930s. 

This sheep breed adapts well to a variety of climatic and grazing conditions. From the arid regions of South Africa and Australia, to the high rainfall regions of the United States to the bitter cold and snowy Canada!

Dorper sheep have high weaning rates and fast growth rates. Live weight gains allow lambs to reach about 36kg(79lb) (17kg or 37lb carcase) in 100 days.

The Dorper has a characteristically barrel shaped white body with a black head or black head and neck, with complete dark pigmentation of exposed skin. 

They are bigger than most wool sheep (rams 90-100kg and ewes 70-100kg), but they consume less herbage per metabolic size. Dorpers also utilize shrubs and bushes. 

The Dorper appears to have a higher tolerance to internal parasites than most other breeds. This allows for less drencing and also makes the Dorper a good proposition for organic meat farming.

Dorpers are naturally shedding. They produce a short, light coat of wool and hair that is shed in late spring and summer.

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