Knives - A Homesteaders Companion


I cannot remember a day, or if I can, not very many where I have not used a knife to do something. To say a good quality knife is worth its weight in gold, would be wrong. Because been caught out in the woods with a bar of gold would not be my first choice. I would rather have a knife. My knives are full of character, practical, blessed by fire and made with love and respect. I take my time and put lots of effort into making a very useful, sharp and handy knife.

Forged  to provide food, either hunting, camping, cooking, or to work hard on the homestead and to provide you some comfort when alone in the woods.  

All my knives are hand forged from high carbon steel. I like to use recycled steel like old leaf springs or files. They make excellent knives and the one in the picture above was my first knife ever, made from an old Nicholson File. If recyclable steel is not available, I source my high carbon steel from a Canadian supplier. I offer the following knife types. All comes with a handstitched leather sheath that is treated with local beeswax. Please allow a couple of weeks, as your knife will be made to your specifications.  Prices do not include shipping.

Manitoba Camp Knife


This sturdy knife is designed to work hard on the homestead or accompanying you on a hunt or camping trip. Forged with a slight belly like, having the falcata in mind.

OAL  of 12" - 16", a hefty spine and full tang design makes this ideal for splitting firewood, clearing branches or skinning and quartering a deer.

Price : CAD$ 150



Shepard's knife

This little knife was forged on request from my wife. Small, light and easy to carry around your neck or from a belt loop. Very handy during lambing season or for the multiple adventures your flock can provide. It also makes skinning of game easy, as the absence of a guard makes navigating the blade easy.

Based on the Finish Puuko, this little knife holds a very keen edge and sharpens easily.

OAL of 8"

Price : CAD$ 125


Shell Valley Hunter


Looking for a tried and tested hunting knife? The Shell Valley hunter is that knife. Designed  with a full tang  and so that the blade forms the guards for your finger.

The elegant wood handle and a light sharp blade, makes it ideal to carry by your side, while harvesting game.


The Large hunter has an oal of 12"-14"

Price  CAD$  150


The Smaller hunter has a 10-12" oal.

Price  CAD$  125



Custom Knife

Bowie with antler handle

There are so many variations and styles of knife design. This is where the custom knife has its place. Made to specifications, with a little bit of creative license involved.

Please email me with details and request. I will send a quote and before shipping I will communicate with you to make sure that it was what you wanted. Otherwise I will redo the knife.

Price  CAD$  POR



Based in the ancient Celtic Ringknife, this light weight knife is ideal for long hiking, kayaking  or hunting trips.  The handle is treated with beeswax prior to wrapping to prevent it from rusting.

The ring pommel is handy for skinning or preparing food where you sometimes need to use both hands. I can usually  never find a place to put my knife down. Now,  I just attach a lanyard to the ring and my knife can dangle while I'm using both hands. For a more traditional look, I can wrap the handle in rawhide.

CAD$ 100




In the Inuit language ulu means woman's knife. This versatile knife is very handy for skinning animals, cleaning fish or preparing food. Fits comfortably in your hand and with the natural flick of your wrist, the blade is put to use with lots of control.

Hand forged form high carbon steel and fitted with a bone, antler or wood handle. And men can use them too!

It does not take much space in your backpack or it can ride comfortably in a sheath on your hip.

5"-6" cutting blade

CAD$ 100